Featured The Bitcoin Black Revolution – It Has Only Begun

Bitcoin Black is more than just a new crypto-coin. Inside it is something else waiting to explode. In today’s world, the rich control every aspect of people’s lives from their employment to their freedoms and most people work paycheck just for survival.

What Is DeFi And How It Is Useful In Bitcoin Black Ecosystem

This is perhaps the most significant use of DeFi that can be very useful for providing crypto assets of Bitcoin Black Platform to lend and borrow. Bitcoin Black will provide users with loans without any intermediaries. Lending protocols are also in place which pay interest to users in stable coins and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Black Business Revolution

Bitcoin Black is something more than a new crypto-coin. Everything hidden inside is waiting to blow. In today’s world, wealthy people influence every part of people’s lives from their jobs to their freedoms and most people work paychecks only for survival. Instead comes a FREE crypto-currency with the power to really change people’s lives.

Most don’t know much regarding cryptocurrency, and because of the Bitcoin Black campaign, it puts this technology in the hands of citizens. Everybody who knows how a crypto currency operates, it takes years and years to create a community and Bitcoin Black builds it before it even starts.

A part of this modern crypt is more than just an investment it is a trend that is evolving around the world. Because of the wealthy being richer we share the wealth with people all over the world to change their financial status. It’s more than just signing up to become part of this movement, giving people a leg up and working together to boost the world’s resources. The movement around Black Bitcoin is about to begin. We are not going to lie down and we are not going anywhere, we are just starting.

Bitcoin Black took another brilliant initiative to revolutionize the businesses, called The Bitcoin Black Business Initiative.

What is the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative?

This Bitcoin Black Business Initiative is a project that will help Bitcoin Black take steps towards mass acceptance in the near future; by targeting entrepreneurs we will help move Bitcoin Black to a real functional currency to purchase products and services beyond a tradable coin for market speculation. The Bitcoin Black Business Initiative focuses on working with Bitcoin Black members to bring Bitcoin Black into the hands of the business owners.

One of the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative’s goals is to educate the company owners. It is important to tell them that Bitcoin Black will be a safe, simple, user-friendly, fairly distributed currency that will profit people from participating in the community while at the same time giving back power to people rather than taking away power. Most business owners are innovative people, and they have the potential to carry Bitcoin Black into the future not just by embracing it in their company, but also through their willingness to contribute to Bitcoin Black’s ecosystem.

How Bitcoin Black Business Initiative works?

Ultimately, the business owners will use the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative to get FREE Bitcoin Black Coins and FREE ADVERTISING for their business at ZERO cost.

First of all, the Bitcoin Black Members will be guided to the https:/bitcoinblack.website and there will be instructions on this website about the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative, after which the Bitcoin Black members will offer the marketing tools and a FREE website to involve Bitcoin Black business owners. The Bitcoin Black Business Initiative’s aim is to bring Bitcoin Black members into the fold who are business owners, and the very people who can introduce Bitcoin Black into the world by welcoming Bitcoin Black at their establishment.

The concept behind the Bitcoin Black Business Project is to offer FREE Coins to business owners and now get them engaged with Bitcoin Black. We then offer them FREE Ads at https:/bitcoinblack.directory where they can advertise to all the Bitcoin Black members for their business and services.

Bitcoin Black members are allowed to buy and use their services from the Bitcoin Black Members web sites. It creates a group that supports each other and every business owner will ultimately have the ability to embrace Bitcoin Black at their company.

You will then follow these measures to become involved in the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative.

Step 1: 

Get a FREE Website. This will be the website you can market to business owners. It will have a general purpose pitch with directions on next steps, AND it will include your BCB affiliate link.

Step 2: 

Download the email template that you send to business owners

Step 3:

Download Marketing images

At the end, you’ve got to become acquainted with the Bitcoin Black Business Directory. One of your key selling points would be the free ads offered here.


The tools and services in the above steps would include an incentive for existing Bitcoin Black affiliates to market the FREE 3600 Bitcoin Black coins, and FREE ADVERTISING to businesses at ZERO cost. And you are having a marketing experience partner to potentially raise your referrals even higher.

The Bitcoin Black Business Initiative Advertising

After this, any substantial progress that might be made on this initiative will drive Bitcoin Black into potential mass acceptance stages. During these early stages, there are thousands of interested e-commerce, online businesses and brick and mortar businesses that we can bring into the fold.

The idea behind the campaign is to include Bitcoin Black in companies all over the world and when the time comes to bring Bitcoin Black into any company in the world we’ll have a good start already. When the gateways are launched, the proliferation of approved Bitcoin Black companies will boom.

Bitcoin Black is offering an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) to finance multiple community foundations which will contribute to the ecosystem’s future development. Bitcoin Black now has a number of innovative people that can look into the future and create ecosystem ventures that are needed now to set up Bitcoin Black into the future, and The Bitcoin Black Business Initiative is just such a project. The contributors don’t want to sit back and wait as they see the need to drive Bitcoin Black forward now and plan for what’s to come in the future by developing a partnership with the very people (company owners) that will propel Bitcoin Black into the business environment.

Bitcoin Black’s key aspect is that there are no stakeholders, it’s a collective change and, in effect, collective members who recognize the project’s value help create the ecosystem obtain an aspect of the ecosystem.


The whitepaper discusses the keys to success and one of those keys is the participants who appreciate the project’s value and are mindful that it is about ecosystem engagement and change. And this is the basis for the Bitcoin Black Business Initiative. Keys to Bitcoin Black’s Success involves key members taking the initiative to prioritize involvement of business owners and establishing their education to watch the growth and power behind the movement to make that decision to accept Bitcoin Black at the right time when the project needs to take it to next level.

Join the latest ecosystem projects Bitcoin Black Global Groups and join your country and come say Hi on the Bitcoin Black Forum

Bitcoin Black T-Shirt Contest

Bitcoin Black T-Shirt contest is for sure to be a hit especially with a nice grand prize and 5000 bcb per entry

The Greatest Single Wealth Transfer In Human History

This generation will become the richest generation in history over the next few decades, and banks should be worried if they are not already there. People have begun making a big change to use unorthodox finance, with Bitcoin Black serving as the beneficiary of our time’s ‘Great Wealth Transfer.’

Organizational Structure And Team Behind Bitcoin Black

Bitcoin Black is basically people’s crypto-currency, for the people. Bitcoin Black will be adopted as a peer 2 peer payment system that gives people the power back to the people.

Bitcoin Black Progress Report

Hello BCB Community,

It’s important to know where our project stands. It’s been a long journey but we are past halfway and there is no turning back.

What has been accomplished so far:

1. BCB launch (done).

2. 10,000 members (done).

3. Multilingual expansion (done & still continues to regions not reached).

4. BCB network (https://bitcoinblack.net launch) – the network side of Bitcoin Black (done).

5. Begin Airdrop. Free coins delivered to members for creating wallet – rem the 9,000 free coins? (Done). 

6. Launch of Beta Network (done).

7. 100,000 members (done).

8. Pretty sale coin distribution on Bitcoin Black Live Network (already started & ongoing for late participants when they buy a packet) Max turnaround time is 3 days (done)

If you haven’t received your pre-sale coins, send an email to sales@bitcoin.black 

But before doing that, make sure to check your coins on the livenet by entering your BCB address on the explorer https://explore.black/

There have been multiple community projects added to the ecosystem https://bitcoinblack.store https://bitcoinblackforum.com https://bitcoinblack.directory https://bitcoinblack.media https://bitcoinblack.social

*******We are here**********

Now to the future:

9. Distribution of 50,000 ( the 9,000 airdrop coins for creating a wallet) starts on the live network/mainet.

10. The current 3,600 airdrop continues and distribution will start after the 9,000 airdrop is distributed.

11. Android & IOS app wallets (you’ve already had a glimpse of the prototypes ealier in the year). https://iopay.org

12. From that, the project accelerates and we successfully reach 1 million Airdrops.

13. Bitcoin Black therefore becomes the most decentralized cryptocurrency (the most user nodes spread across the most locations worldwide). 

Remember, with BCB – everyone is a node and no mining. It also uses block lattice technology that helps us achieve unlimited scalability and Quantum Resistance.

14. The top 110 rewards members for the airdrop referrals are paid. They will act as founders and owners of the project. 

There will be a vigorous verification process so don’t think of cheating the system. Each referral will be required to verify their participation. People caught cheating will be banned.

If you aren’t already on the ship, register on the site at https://bitcoin.black/rewards/

That said, the app introduction will have some rewards too, in case you don’t make it in the top 110, so don’t lose hope or feel like you are doing nothing.

Note: the rewards coins will be locked for some period to avoid speculation of BCB once the project lists on an exchange. You won’t be able to sell your coins until after BCB price is stable to manage the volatility and maintain the fair distribution. Good to have that in mind to avoid confusion later on in future.

15. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for BCB on a top reputable exchange like Binance.

16. App introduction reward commences (bringing 10 million additional users into the ecosystem through incentives). 

17. Accelerated merchant adoption begins.

18. IEO funds allocated to community groups, foundations and individuals through voting. So, if you have a brilliant idea on getting BCB to as many people as possible, start that project now and after the users vote on it, you will receive funds (from the amount raised on the IEO) to scale & run your community.

19. Marketplace opens, BCB card introduced and more through IEO funding increasing the network value of BCB.

Closing remarks: In the end, we are aiming at the world’s fairest coin in terms of distribution. No talk of whales or a few people controlling the network like other blockchains like Bitcoin et cetera. Bitcoin Black is also a standalone network with its own blockchain and coin (BCB) and a core wallet. It is not a token!

In Bitcoin Black we TRUST! 

How Bitcoin Black Will Be A Market Leader

If you are still not aware of Bitcoin Black, now is the time to get started because their future looks bright. Let’s take a look at the most promising cryptocurrency in 2020, with market leaders who are likely to shake up the deal!

Bitcoin Black is trying to introduce new products and projects also looking to strengthen the way they do business and expand their horizons geographically. However, what is very clear is 2020 will see a huge increase in the Bitcoin Black users, Bitcoin Black is looking for innovative ways to transform the crypto market.

So, let’s have a look how Bitcoin Black will be the crypto market leader.

More genuine users

Real users who can transfer money just as easily as sending an SMS. The main reason people buy bitcoin is as demand speculators and worry about losing out on it. We buy it to make money and for the illusion of riches, but because of the initial distribution and exploitation current and average people buy and sell at the wrong times, only a few accomplish this.

It’s unfortunate people buying bitcoin to use bitcoin as a more convenient or cheaper method of payment to purchase goods or services. Bitcoin Black will be a secure, simple, user friendly, fairly distributed currency that will profit people from participating in the network while at the same time giving back power to people rather than taking away power.

The strength of a cryptocurrency is to facilitate and seamless transfers to anyone without a 3rd party immediately and freely regardless of their location. Bitcoin Black will be used more effectively than current systems as an actual payment system, much more transparent with no coercion and corruption.

Distribution which does not require price abolition

In the crypto sphere a fair distribution is yet to be seen. The strength of this still needs to be seen. It creates the community, and helps it, by making 1 million participants receive free coins. In the beginning of Bitcoin Black, manipulation counteraction mechanisms will be in place to ensure that market manipulation or price deflation does not join. Most alt-coins on the market are for the creators and don’t offer any real world solution.

Fast & free Value Transfer. For a global p2p currency that gives people back the control, a fee-free and instant payment system is required. Payments free and immediate are important for adoption.

Fee-free and instant solutions should not be reliant on a 3rd party. Simplicity and ease of access. Registration should be clear. Allowing beginners to cryptocurrencies the opportunity to participate and become interested in the ecosystem.

Free coins will be provided as a sample to enable people to be interested in the ecosystem and updated about the program and its effectiveness. Bitcoin Black aims to make a transfer of money as easy as sending an SMS, regardless of the location. Use your phone number to receive funds.

Multilingualism which allows a wider user scope than English users. Chinese and Spanish are languages more widely used than English.